About us

Otal Resources Co., Ltd was established in 2008. Our company is a supplier/broker of Raw materials (Scrap metals, waste paper and coal) for mills mainly in Vietnam.

Our regular customers include Pomina 2, Hoa Phat, Dana-Y, An Hung Tuong, Shengli,… who all have great steel production in Vietnam.

Until now, we have gained our own reputation for the good quality of metal cargo as well as stable sales volume per month (~ 10,000MT – 15,000MT/month). More importantly, we provide our diligent support to both contractual parties, making contract performance smoother and ensuring all obligations to be fulfilled in time.

Our metal materials vary from HMS 1/2 (IRSI 200-206), Grinding balls, Used rails, High manganese scrap to Grade A/Grade B Hong Kong Standard, H1/H2/HS/Shindachi Japanese Standard,… and many other special specs from Chile, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, USA,…

Our recovered papers consist of OCC, NCC, HMP, ONP,… from US, EU, Japan,…

Regarding coal, it all depends on mill’s requirements and unloading capability. Let us know your demand and we will send you appropriate offer.

So whenever you need materials for your manufacturing plants, do not hesitate to contact us to get competitive price in current market with high quality cargo.